Thursday Night Live

Tuesday, September 13th at 7pm: An evening with Rabbi Adam

One of the uniting features of Jewish people, wherever we live and however we "do Judaism," is our love of stories. Whether they be legends from the Torah and the rest of the Hebrew Bible, tales of the Medieval mystics and Chasidic masters, or indeed our own family lore we tell around the dinner table, Our Jewish Stories reveal much about our ancestors and origins, and can deepen our connections to Jewish identity and enrich our lives. At this event, we'll spend the first hour listening to and discussing a few stories representing different Jewish perspectives, and in the second hour we'll break into small workshop groups to share and shape our own stories. Open to the public, all are most welcome! Refreshments will be served!

Thursday, September 22nd at 7pm: Building Resilience in the Age of Anxiety  

Have you felt more than usually anxious these last 3 years during the pandemic?  If so, you are not alone.  To learn what you can do about it, please come to the Caring Committee sponsored Thursday Night Live presentation On Thursday, September 22, at 7pm at our Jewish Community Center. The many crises and disasters facing the world today have resulted in record numbers of people reporting high levels of stress and anxiety.  Even those who aren’t direct survivors of any specific crisis can experience the negative effects, leaving nearly all of us with ratcheted-up levels of anxiety.  This talk will focus on understanding how chronic stress and anxiety impact us physically and psychologically, and we will explore the most recent science on how to build and maintain psychological resilience in response.  The speaker, Dr. Amy Nitza, is the Executive Director of the Institute for Disaster Mental Health at SUNY New Paltz. Refreshments will be served.